Tenuta San Mauro

On the crest of the hill, the territory of Castagnole Lanze, stands the San Mauro wine farm.
Is the wine farm of Mauro Bianco and family that boasts a whole, between the areas of Asti and Alba district, a property of 70 hectares, of which 40 are vineyards and 30 with grass, trees and wood.
Our vineyards, cultivated mainly by the Guyot system, produce wines with Denomination of Controlled Origin and Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin.
Ours is an old family passion. From Mom Clara, Mauro took the pleasure of wine with the defense of the authenticity at all costs, from dad Ettore, took the love for the land, for the ancient agriculture, its traditions, its values. Tradition and challenge, is the motto of the family.